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Whether you are an entrepreneur or admired company we are here to transform your idea into reality. We design and develop mobile & web apps that delight your users and grow your business.

What you need to know

  • Smart TV Application Development.

    Why Android Smart TV App Development, you ask? Whether you currently have an application built and are looking to support additional connected devices, here at Greyscale Logic we can provide expert analysis and deliver cutting edge solutions for your business model, complete with on-going technical support.

  • Why Native App Development?

    The advantage of choosing a native app is that it is the fastest and most reliable when it comes to user experience. Native apps can also interact with all of the device’s operating system features, such as the microphone, camera, contacts lists, etc.

    However, a bigger budget is required if you want to build your app for multiple platforms (i.e. iPhones and Android) and to keep your native app updated.

  • Lets work to get your concept screens first.

    Before the actual development starts on your next big App idea, every concept needs a solid foundation of well thought out combination of design elements and screens, so as to help the user better understand its workflow.

    These screens will be clean and professional-looking enough for you to use as your final designs as well. After being in the software development business for nearly 8 years, this is the part which we think new startups suffer the most with. If you spend too much time and money on your initial push, that would immensely hurt your overall development time.

Our Team

A great blend of developers, with experience of working on startups from North America and Europe.

Imran Khattak Founder

Designer, Father, Cricketer

Mansoor Ahmad Android Developer

Developer, Poet, Reader

Ahsan Iqbal iOS Developer

Engineer, Singer, Writer

Muhammad Bilal Back-end Developer

Developer, Artist, Wonderer

Waheed Khan Android Developer

Developer, Learner, Gamer

Ahmed Abdul Ghafoor Front-End Developer

Developer, Gymer, Cricketer

If you want quick, affordable and quality products, you are in the right place.

What we have been upto

We are trying to make a positive difference in the world for the good by coming up with quality and cost-effective solutions. When we are not developing or coding, we are meeting people and discussing how we can help them achieve their next big idea.

BrightCaster at RCCI Expo 2020
At the RCCI Expo, we got an opportunity to share our idea of real-time updates with Brighcaster app with the Industry leaders and discussed the possibility of a similar solution for their organizational activities.
RCCI Smart App Expo 2020
It was a great opportunity for us to communicate our key message to more receptive audience. This event helped us to survey the available opportunities and new market trends.
One of our first customers
We are thankful to Mr. Anis Ahmad, Princpal Beacon Light English Model Sec. School, Jand for being one of our initial clients. He is one of the most visionary leaders in the education sector we have come across.